​Cancellation Policy: 

Travel Class: 24 hours

​All other classes: 72 hours

If you cancel with less notice, we reserve the right to send you an invoice to cover our costs.

If you have to cancel email:  


​Private Lessons

If you are interested in private lessons from one of the three professional working dog handlers that train for Canine Copilots contact info@caninecopilots to be put in touch with them

Class Prices:

Travel Class Cost: $30.00 per class

Advanced Foundation Building Class:  $35.00 Per Class

Private Lessons-Nose Work $125.00 Per Hour

Foundation Building Class:  Varies Depending on the facility hosting

New Canine Copilots, LLC Cash Cards:

​Starting on March 1st the Travel Cards and Advanced Foundation Building cards will no longer be sold.  We will honor the ones that are out there until they are all used.

These cards are good for any Travel Class, Advanced Foundation Building or Private lessons.  They can not be used for any beginner classes that are in a facility.

​Canine Copilots, LLC

"Bonding Through Teamwork"

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