"Container Mysteries"

"Container Mysteries" is a seminar designed to point out what is going wrong in the container searches.  Jacy has evaluated many container searches and has developed some tactics to aid in successfully navigating these searches.  This seminar is conducted with videos to aid in demonstrating the topics of discussion.  

Have you ever wanted to walk up to a Police or Security K-9 handler and ask them how they teach their dogs to do what they do so well?  In the fourteen years since I started handling working dogs, I have been asked that question more times than I can count.  Now is the chance to get your answer!  Canine Copilots, LLC is offering the opportunity to explore the methods and techniques of training detection dogs to regular companion dog owners. 

Known as Canine Nose Work®, it is a new, exciting detection style sport that is designed to develop your dogs natural “sniffing” abilities.  We use their natural curiosity, need to hunt, and their love of food/toys to provide exercise and stimulation.  It is great fun for both members of the team! It helps build confidence, as well as burns lots of mental and physical energy. If you are interested in hosting Nose Work Classes in your facility, please contact Canine Copilots LLC at info@caninecopilots.com to begin offering this new course today!

For more information on K-9 Nose Work® visit www.nacsw.net

​Canine Copilots, LLC

"Bonding Through Teamwork"

Foundation Building Classes

These classes are used to introduce all elements of Nose Work to the team.  It consists of at least 4 levels starting with Intro to Nose Work 1 & 2, as well as Intro to Odor 1 & 2. Dogs always work one at a time, so even dogs that may have sensitivities can excel and thrive in the environment as well!

The Intro to Nose Work 1 class introduces the dog/handler to the concept of searching/hunting in a safe indoor environment using containers and interiors.  Then, in Intro to Nose Work 2, we introduce them to searching/hunting outside with exteriors and vehicles, while still using food/toys.

Intro to Odor 1 & 2 are basically the same classes as the Intro to NW 1 & 2, however, we now introduce the target odor to the dogs by pairing it with food/toys. Any one of these levels can be repeated based on you and your dog’s readiness to move on to the next level.      

Custom Built Workshops

If you have anything specific that you want help with, jacy will design a workshop specific to your needs.

Advanced Foundation Building Classes

These classes are for advanced teams to go back and refresh the basic foundation skills that they all started with.  This class is for anyone competing ant the Level 2 and above trail levels.  This class will also visit more advanced leash handling, foot work and some advanced handler skills that are important for trialing and building a stronger working relationship between handler and dog.  Dogs in this class must be trained on all 3 odors and should have their Level 1 Nose Work title.  If you do not meet this standard, contact us to see if you can take this class.

"How I Do It"

"How I Do It" is a workshop that recreates real world searches and uses these searches to build foundation skills as well as to work on tactics needed to successfully navigate the search.  Jacy will coach teams through the searches and offer advice, based on his observations. This workshop is a two day/16 hour workshop that will encompass all four nose work elements.


Travel Classes

These classes are for runthroughs and exposure to new and novel environments. These classes can be used for trial prep or just to have some fun searches with other Nose Work Students with an instructor there to help if needed.  Any one can join these classes provided the dogs have been trained on all three odors and are environmental steady enough to search in new areas.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your entry into these classes, don't hesitate to ask one of us or come out and watch a class or two before making your decision.

"Practical Hide Placement"

"The Practical Hide Placement" workshop is designed to be a hands on workshop that the participants drive through their hide placements and adjustments through the work day.  Teams will set hides, run dogs and then discuss what went right and what went wrong, how to fix a search area and how to change the training goals without moving a hide.  This workshop is perfect for trainers and for those that train on their own. This is a part working/part video seminar.

Course Descriptions

K-9 Nosework


Elite level coaching

Jacy will set up Elite level challenges and help you work out the best tactics to clear those searches.  You will have time challenges, elevation, multiple hides and anything else that the environments will allow.