​Canine Copilots, LLC

Rachel began working with her reactive dog Aeries in 2010 in a reactive dog class at Your Dogs Friend in Rockville MD.  Since then she has been a reactive coach and assistant.  Rachel began taking Nose Work classes with Jacy that year and became a huge fan.  Rachel started assisting Jacy in his classes and entered the CNWI® program. Rachel is now a Certified Nose Work Instructor and teaches classes on Fridays at Your Dogs Friend and participates in the Canine Copilots Travel Class program.

Rachel Binfield, CNWI

Anke's dog training experience began in 1982 with her German Shepard and Her Rottweiler in Germany. Her current breed is the Belgian Milionis and a Boston terrier.  She has trained in Confirmation, Obedience, Herding, Agility, Protection and K-9 Nose Work®.

Anke and her dogs are well respected nationally and internationally having qualified and received special recognition to compete at National agility Trials and also the FMBB World Championship in Slovenia.
Since 2006 Anke has managed the daycare program at Waggin Tails Junction in Manassas VA.

Walter Feno, CNWI

Walter was a Military Working Dog Handler in the United States Air Force and Contract handler with Jacy before leaving the working dog world to pursue a career in Computer Security. Walter now teaches some advanced Nose Work Classes and is a judge for NACSW® sanctioned Nose Work Trials.

The "Copilots"

​Jacy Kelley, CNWI

Jacy is the owner and lead trainer for Canine Copilots, LLC.  Jacy has nearly 20 years of experience working and training dogs.  Jacy was a Military Working Dog Handler in the United States Air Force, a Contract Dog Handler for numerous Federal Agencies, and now works primarily with companion dogs.  


In 2010, Jacy became the first Certified K-9 Nose Work instructor in the Mid-Atlantic region and had classes in both Maryland and Virginia.


Jacy has instructed at K-9 Nose Work® Camps, is a Certifying Official for NACSW® official trials and is a judge for these trials as well.


Jacy has assisted other trainers in their pursuit of building and developing their own Nose Work programs.

Heidi Meinzer, CNWI

Heidi is a CNWI® and trainer at Fur-Get Me Not in Arlington, VA where she teaches foundation K-9 Nosework®, Levels Training, and other specialty classes.  in 2011, Fur-Get Me Not invited Jacy in to introduce K-9 Nosework® to the trainers there and their dogs. Fur-Get Me Not has since built a foundation K-9 Nosework® program at its award winning training school.  Heidi and Fur-Get Me Not has partnered with Canine Copilots, LLC to offer Travel Classes in the Arlington, VA .

Anke King, CNWI

Cynthia Langford

Cynthia grew up working with horses and desperately wanted dogs.  Alas the United States Navy moved the family too often to have dogs therefore as an adult she now has 3 Canine Copilots, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake and the Mighty Peanut.  Yes, the paternal unit was a Naval Aviator.  Please forgive the geeky language, she attended four Bailey-Farhoody Operant Conditioning Workshops and cannot use reward and reinforce interchangeably.   She also completed a 6 months animal trainer intership under Deb Winkler of Humane Domain, and rumor has it video exists of agility training sheep and a trying nosework with mini donkeys for "enrichment."  We were happy to support her through education while in the CNWI training in Columbia Maryland and she has studied (stalked) Walt for a year and Ann Lincoln helped build her foundation skills.  Cynthia is teaching at Fur Get Me Not in Arlington VA

Walter Feno    Anke King    Rachel Binfield    Heidi Meinzer   Ann Roseberry Lincoln    Jeff Cottle    Betsy Davies    Cynthia Langford

​Jeff Cottle

Jeff is a 36 year professional as a retired Military Working Dog Handler, Trainer, Kennel master, Program Manager and Civilian explosive detection handler where his education and experience include Kennel Master, Trainer and Supervisor duties. He has worked with assigned canines in support of numerous Government, Federal and Civilian agencies. Jeff has a vast amount of experience in security canine support for high ranking dignitaries throughout his entire career.

He has obtained various certifications/courses such as Explosive Detection, Kennel Master/Supervisor Courses and Law Enforcement Training Systems, (LETS) Explosive Detection Certifications. Jeff’s most recent duties were in Saudi Arabia training the military working dogs in patrol work and explosive detection. This training consisted in maintaining high level proficiency of Military Working Dog Patrol/Explosive detection teams during their security support efforts.

New to the organization Jeff brings a vast amount of lifetime experiences and an overwhelming love for the canine detection field. He brings enthusiasm, behavioral problem solving and provides an easy to understand approach to fixing deficiencies through one on one training scenarios.

Jeff has a published article in a Trade Publication titled “False responses problems don’t have to remain false response problems”.

"Bonding Through Teamwork"

Betsy Davies, CNWI

​Betsy entered the Nose Work World as many others have, through having a reactive dog and trying to find some help for her.  She adopted a 9 year old English Setter, Emma,in 2012, who after a few weeks in my home began having some aggression and environmental sensitivity issues. She ended up in classes at Fur Get Me Not and was in Heidi Meinzer’s very first nose work class!  Betsy was hooked from day 1.  Nose work changed the relationship that Her and Emma had.  While she still remained somewhat environmentally sensitive, her aggression issues were significantly decreased, after about 1 year of doing nose work. Betsy began almost instantly asking about becoming a certified instructor and jumped in!  She believes that the relationship that nose work forms between handler and dog is something very special.  It forms a bond of trust, that she believes is truly like no other. Emma has since passed, but nose work is with me for life!

Betsys day job is a as a Physician Assistant @ Inova Fairfax Hospital in Orthopedic Trauma.  This pays for her doggie fun! She live in Alexandria with her husband and 2 dogs.  Roger is an Aussie/Collie mix with one NW3 title.  Sam is an American Bulldog/Am Staff/Dalmation mix with lots of medical/allergies and reactivity issues.  He is doing nose work for  enrichment and does not compete….but, he absolutely loves it! 

Ann Roseberry Lincoln, CNWI

Ann has been interested in dog behavior from an early age. In high school, she submitted a paper for her psychology class evaluating the hypothesis that dogs express emotions, with photographic evidence of her own dog. Her paper received a failing grade, since the prevailing belief at the time was that no animal aside from humans could possibly experience emotion. Nonetheless, she continued to love working with dogs and became thoroughly hooked on training after adopting her reactive dog, Gwin, in 1999. Gwin also was the dog that hooked her on nose work in 2010. Since then, she has trained and titled a number of dogs in nose work events. Ann also has a strong background in positive reinforcement training and dog behavior, having graduated from the Marin Humane Society Advanced Dog Training Academy in 2001. In addition to nose work, Ann trains her dogs in sheep herding, another sport that requires reliance on the dog’s natural abilities. She is excited to teach nose work for Canine Copilots in Rockville, Maryland, and at Hungry Like the Woof in Warrenton, Virginia.